Florida’s Endless Summer®


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Endless Summer® Plate
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Why do we all live in Florida?

Because of the “Endless Summer®” beach lifestyle and beautiful ocean beaches.

If the sounds of breaking waves catch your ear, the sight of pelicans flying in formation over the crystal clear aquamarine Gulf catch your eye, the smell of pure salt air stimulates your senses, and the feeling of sand under your feet feels better than good…..then you love the beach.

The beach is a place where our lives are enhanced and enriched. The enjoyment we have on the beach is endless. This is your chance to help protect the 1200 + miles of coastline and over 600 miles of sandy beaches which is the jewel that surrounds our state. The appeal of the beach and surfing lifestyle is not limited to just surfers as demonstrated by the millions of residents who live at or visit Florida  beaches throughout the year.

If you love Florida’s 600 miles of beaches and the laid back sandy beach lifestyle you’ll want the new Endless Summer® license plate for your car or truck.

The Foundation’s emphasis is keeping our Florida beach ecology healthy, supporting beach safety, and preventing coastal pollution.

The owner of the registered trademark for “Endless Summer®” is Bruce Brown Films, LLC.  Bruce Brown is a pioneer in the surf culture and created the classic surf documentary “The Endless Summer®”.  Bruce Brown Films, LLC supports the Foundation’s goals, and have graciously allowed the Foundation to use the “Endless Summer®” name for this important fundraising and awareness effort.