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Be a part of Florida’s Endless Summer®

Florida's Endless Summer®

Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation has sponsored and received approval for the creation of Florida’s Endless Summer® specialty license plate. The purpose of the Endless Summer® specialty license plate is to serve as one of the funding sources for Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation. The primary use of the funds is to build the Surfing’s Evolution Experience®, an interactive encounter telling the history and evolution of surfing. In addition, Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation supports organizations and events whose missions support keeping beaches healthy and safe through education and action.

Bruce Brown Films, LLC is the owner of the registered trademark: “Endless Summer®” and has recognized the Foundation’s commitment to the beach and surfing lifestyle and graciously permitted its use to support the Foundation.

To show your support of Surf & Beach Preservation and get your own Endless Summer® Florida License Plate, visit your local Tax Collector’s Office and let them know you are ready to rock the coolest license plate around.